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Pricing varies due to the wide range of website design needs. I for one, hate when I'm on a website, looking for a price, and the company will not give it to me. So with that being said, here are the prices we offer :

  • Our base package is $775, and includes the following:
    • All web design, testing, and implementation.
    • Updates, hosting, domain registration, and maintenance for the first year.
    • Associated photography, graphic design, and literary work.
    • Each year after the first is $250. It will be billed during the 11th month,
      and there are no penalties for cancelling your site.
    • Note that in many cases, full refunds cannot be given if cancelled mid year. This is
      due to hosting fees and domain name registration fees having already been paid out for your account.

  • Things such as extensive flash movies, scripting, high volume updating,
    and database work will cost more, depending on the amount of time involved.


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