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Blank's Pages is a simple web design company put together by me, Willie Blank. With help from Annie and Cecil from Boudreaux Photography, and resident database expert and composer James Bouy, Blank's Pages covers a wide spectrum of digital advertising. The company started off quite unintendedly, arising from a need of my own to integrate some database features into an online program. Once I found out that web development was so easy that a well trained orangutan could do it, I decided to pursue it.

What I discovered was a disconnect between small businesses and web development companies. Understandably, web development companies need to charge high rates to turn a profit. But to the small sized business who just wants advertising online, it is tough to justify paying those prices. Which is where we come in.  By designing sites for those companies, we can take our own little share of the market, all the while continuing to grow in the web development field.

Should you find yourself riveted by what you've read so far, and wanting to continue to read about our team, and what brought us to this point, see our links below. And as always, we thank you for your time.


Designed by Blank's Pages, 2009.